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The museum's Exhibit Hall houses our gift shop, multimedia theater room, library, and part of the current collection of aviation memorabilia spanning the 20th Century (1900-2000).  Our hangar houses the flying aircraft such as a Russian Mig-17F and a Czech L-29 Delfin trainer.  Aircraft on permanent display include an FJ-4 Fury and a T-2C Buckeye on loan from the Naval Aviation Museum, as well as an F-105D Thunderchief, F-111 Aardvark, T-33 Shooting Star, and others on loan from the Air Force Museum. See thumbprint pictures below for the full list of aircraft we have on display.

Some memorabilia are available for display at charity events and conventions in the East Texas area.  Please contact us if you are interested in showing any of the museum's "traveling displays".   The board of directors at the current time plans on rotating any memorabilia loaned or given to the museum.  Please contact us if you are interested in making donations or gifts of memorabilia relative to our mission.

Below are some of our current exhibits.  Click on a picture to view a larger image or to view more pictures of the exhibit as well as some informational tidbits about the pictured item.

Admission fees:   
       Adults: $5.00
       Seniors (65+): $4.00
       Active Military (with ID): Free
       Teens (13-17 Years): $3.00
       Children (6-12 Years): $2.00
       Children (5 and under): Free
       Special group rates are available.  Call (903) 526-1945 for information



Restoration has been completed for many of the following aircraft. If you would like to help with any restorations currently underway, please contact us. All help is welcome!

 Currently in restoration:  PBY-5A Catalina and HO4S Sikorsky Helicopter.

                PBY thumbnail                                      

                 PBY-5A Catalina                                HO4S Sikorsky                            


Norden Bombsight

Norden Bombsight

photo of biwing planes

Aircraft Photographs

aviation headgear

Aviation Headgear

Alexander Bell and Glenn Curtiss photographic collection

Alexander Graham Bell & Glenn Curtiss Photographic Collection

Helen Mosier Exhibit

Helen Mosier Exhibit

Training and Recognition Exhibit

Training and Recognition Exhibit

atomic blast from underwater test

Elmer Dixson Photographic Collection

Mustard photos

Mustard Exhibit

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